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Excursion in Bolivie
le 8 October à 29 October 2017.

  • 22-day nature tour in Bolivia from 8 October to 29 October 2017
  • Flight from Amsterdam 8 October returning to Amsterdam 29 Octobre
  • Price will be all inclusive: € 4,250
  • Registration Form
  • The beginning of the trip is spent in Pantanal, Brazil. Then to the boundery of Bolivia, nightbus to Santa Cruz and from there by plane to Rurrenabaque to visit Madidi, rainforest and then several boat trips in the Bolivian pampas and logging in the guesthouse.
  • Organized by Erik Jongejan, biologiste from Netherlands.
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    We will visit in the spring this country whose capital La Paz of altitude of more than 2000 meters and in exotic nature 4 different ecosystems. Near the river Rio Beni with a small village Rurrenabaque by boat are the Indian villages of Balla and an ecotourism project of Chalalan. The flora and fauna are spectacular and numerous as miles of species of flowers and fruits, trees and with species of macaus, monkeys, gigantes otters, jaguars and ocelot, birds like Hoatzins, Toucans, frogs. And for the last four days we are in the Pampas; Transport by 4x4 car and canoes to observe species of caimans, dolphins, capibaras and anacondas, all tropical birds, papignons, different monkeys, lizards.
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  • 50 % payement (€ 2.125) avant 8.9.2017 Telephone +31 629458857;
  • To participate you have to pay 50% - € 2125, by credit card to Erik Jongejan, Netherlands before 8 September. The balance will be paid during the first day on 8 October in the rate of 25 % Brazil Reals and 25 % Bolivian Bolivars, via ATM there, cash to the organiser.
    Further information by Email Erik Jongejan, Phone:+31 629458857 or by skype jongejan52. To make contacting during the trip use +31 64450506503
    You need to organise your own travel insurance.
  • The group size will be at least 10 persons, including Erik, biologist and Nigal, birdwatcher, from Scotland.

To participate on this trip you have to send completed registration document which can be downloaded here:.Registration Form