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Projets (work in progress................)

Surinam - Teacher training in Paramaribo

But - Entrainement des enseingants ....

Funding -

teacher training teacher training teacher training

Bolivia - Training guides and teachers for ecotourism - Rio Beni

But - Entrainement des enseingants ....

Financement -

Set up facilties for Eco Tourists, names and relationships between fruits and the forest eco systems

training guides

French Guyana - Project to help teachers to explain the forest to students from Europe

But - Entrainement des enseingants ....

Financement -

helping teachers helping teachers helping teachers

ACT Surinam - Formation des gardiens

But - Formation des gardiens du Parc de Sud Surinam aux disciplines-ressource

Financement - voyez - document.

Soutien depuis AmazonFund-France...

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